your Fortnite microphone not working on  your PlayStation 4 or Xbox

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One going to try to help you fix that on the s for his article on It

I will be on the PlayStation 4 console however some of the techniques

I show you will also work on the Xbox One so I’m currently in Fortnite

right now the first and most important thing is to check to make sure your microphone is actually working and is plugged in properly 

on the PlayStation 4 so let’s go ahead and press the PlayStation controller and switch over to the PlayStation

home screen now let’s scroll up to the top Bar and scroll all the way

to the right to settings and select that scroll down two devices and select this option 

now go to audio devices 

under here you will see an input device  and an output device make sure this is a headset you have plugged in currently now let’s stroll on down 

to switch output device automatically and make sure this is checkmark anytime you plug

 in a new headset it will switch over those input and output devices to the headset so let’s the go-ahead


unplug your microphone now and plug it back in and as you can see my output and input devices are changed

 now we are back to our input device and an output device to our headset so you can actually go into

 the settings and see if there’s any other option so I just had one headset Afterglow AG 9 and do the same for 

your output device and make sure it’s on your headset and boom we’re good so those two are check-marked Dallas

 go over to adjust microphone level and under here and we will actually be able to see if her microphone is working

 so as you can see I’m talking and the in football infant volume is going up and down and make sure it’s in the good section if it’s at adjust

 the slider left and right now if you do not see a bar going up and down there’s something wrong with your connection or microphone check to 

make sure your microphone is not t’s go by CK back and switch over to Fortnite Fort Nite so I’m back in Fortnite let’s go ahead and press control


the section now let’s go over to audio settings and scroll down to voice chat and we want to turn off and then the voice chat 

so let’s turn off voice chat and then press the triangle to apply the setting so the setting is now applied let’s go ahead and turn on voice chat 

and then press triangle to apply voice chat being on and this can also help your microphone not working in Fortnite so we went ahead and turned it off and on 

The voice chat now the next option down voice chat method make sure you have an open microphone if you are on 

the PlayStation 4 4 Xbox One may want to have pushed to talk so you can press a key specifically to talk to your team

 so make sure it’s on the open microphone and make sure the setting is applied if you are using a controller so now go back to your lobby and see if the voice chat is working now if it is now the PlayStation to down


to the party chat settings and go to the right and create a new party so I’m craving a new party chat on the PlayStation 4

 press and hold on the PlayStation button once again and bring up the quick menu and then go back to the party setting 

then go to the right to chat audio now it should say prioritize party I want you to change it to prioritize game chat 

so this will allow you to hear it game chat Lobby check and then indeed Austin may also help you hear your friends in Fortnite at any point in time 

you want to talk to your friends at a PlayStation 4 party you will need to go back to the setting and switch it back over to prioritize party chat Southeast Texas did help 

you out fixing your Fortnite Fortnite microphone is not working with the voice yeah go ahead and leave this video a thumbs up and check out some of my other PlayStation tech help tips coming up ix. 

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