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Everyone likes the leps world because it is the best video game app for android and windows. You can play Lep’s World on your desktop computer or laptop computer, or your mobile device for free. The app is easy to see how Lep’s World is so popular Games and entertaining.

Generally, the game is free to play. However, some items in-game may cost you real money. To avoid this occurrence, disable the in-app purchase feature on your device. 

You don’t need to be connected to the internet or Wi-Fi; enjoy awesome graphics of the game app to play this battle at a classic level while in Mario. 

Let this app know you can guide him on his adventure with smoothly escaping, easy moves. It’s available in the parental English language.


A throwback to classic gaming

Lep’s World builds on the legacy and gameplay of Nintendo without directly referencing those games. Lep’s World app controls will be more than familiar to players who enjoyed these classic games on mobile touchscreens with classic adventure. And the classic adventure has different types of happiness.

During your play as the Irish leprechaun, you can do running, jumping, and score points as if you were playing Mario. This is the social adventure.


Fun for all ages

Lep’s World is a captivating gaming platform that takes traditional sound, effects, and music and adds a whole new level of depth to it. With easy placement, colorful graphics, and lo-fi graphics similar to those of an old-school 8-bit game in Mario or normal, the game has all the fun comments in a fun atmosphere.

There are more than 100 levels to play, so there’s never a shortage of adventure or worlds to explore. Help him find his gold coins and have fun in the process.


Amazing features:

  •  A well-designed 160-level game app with good adventure


  • In these eight cool characters, while playing Mario or normal, you can see the zombie 


  • Blagg, the pirate Long John, the robot Super Sam, the girl Colleen, and a girl named Curly.


  •  In this game, the graphics and animations are great while playing Mario or normal.


  • Six distinct world themes in the Mario


  • Nine challenging opponents/Enemies and bonus block, scrolling and fight smash 


  • Great leaderboards and tricky achievements with beautiful Game Services


  • Many new skills, items, treasures, and events on land and special powers


  • Game Center and Facebook have high scores posted.


  • Support for gaming controller & iCade


  • Compare your progress to your Facebook friends


  • Capability to play technical abilities in multiplayer in Mario



Lep lives in a far-away realm filled with magic and wonderful creatures. He’s a happy, good-natured leprechaun.

Why is he so happy? He has long mastered his trade and amassed an immense fortune because that’s his job. Lep collects gold. Evil goblins haunted Lep for every turn, in jealousy and envy. Then that fateful moment on the day of a beautiful early anniversary came.

An evil goblin enslaved Lep in their murky castle’s mysterious dungeon and locked him away. It was in this unfathomable darkness that he was surrounded by the groaning and cawing of creatures lurking in the shadows.



It’s an world’s class game for all genders, and you have to get it. It’s free, and you can get it even if you’re not online so that we will be thankful for the platformer. 

You will never run out of adventure and places to explore. I will recommend it and advise anyone.



Question: what is the number of levels in this game?

Answer: There are 160 levels in this game. 

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