The Top 5 Video Games Releasing in August 2021

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Video games releasing in august are stunning and coming with powerful features. August falls in the best category among April, January, March, and July releases. Well everyone is looking excited about the new 2021 release of video games.

August is bringing some of the best games for consoles and Pc. We have got an amazing collection for Xbox, Switch, Pc, and PlayStation.  So feel relaxed and enjoy the incredible offerings of 2021.

Top video game release

Greak: Memories of Azur  – coming  video game release on 17 August

The Memories of Azur adventure game have three legendary sibling characters; Greak, Raydal, and Adara. They flee through an incredibly unique and hostile world to escape an invasion.

The player can take control of any character and test their stunning abilities to safely and enjoyably get them through their journey.


  • Eerie Monster.
  • Hand-made world.
  • Amazing Environment.
  • Little blue Creatures.
  • Smart Puzzle Solving Missions.
  • Stunning Visuals.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut – coming video game release on 19 August

Well, this best video game of 2021 is not a fully new release but this game upcoming on 19 august with super upgrades.

In the coming addition, you will find a slew of updates in the console that are added according to the feedbacks of fans.

New Updates

  • New Enemies and Goodies.
  • A Big Adventurous Area.
  • Expanded Massive lki Island.
  • New Chapter jin’s Adventure.

12 Minutes – upcoming video game release on 19 August

The time-loop narrative structure and stunning entrance visuals of the 12 Minutes game made this one of the most famous and anticipated action games.

In this super and best upcoming video game you can play as a strange person who must discover the secret behind a tragic series of events that occur in a little 12 minutes time period.

In a little 12 minutes span, the player helps him to resolve things and made him free from the temporal prison.


  • Weird
  • Dark Fantasy Environment.
  • Multiple Mission in a little span of 12 minutes.
  • Time-loop Narrative Structure.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite – upcoming video game release on 24 August

Fireteam Elite is a super three-person shooter game. This best upcoming video game offering a chance to players to experience stunning themes and beautiful environments in an enjoyable mode especially in a friends mode.


  • Five Classes.
  • Scary Environments.
  • Exciting Themes.
  • Three-person co-op Shooter.

Psychonauts 2 – video game release on 24 August

Trevor Houston First played this game in July and he gets completely blown away by its features. The game is full of inciting events and incredibly unique characters.


  • Innovative level Design
  • Great Wacky Characters
  • Completely stunning and incredible Visuals.

Other Top Games Releasing Soon

  • WarioWare: “get it together”- best game releasing soon in September.

  • Diablo Ball Z: Kakarot – releasing soon.

  • Best “The Pathless” coming in November.

  • “Danganronpa Dacadence” game releasing in December.

Final Thoughts

August 2021 bringing top most popular video games releasing with a bundle of wars and action stunts. This summer is now full of enjoyable events game series. These best video games of 2021 are bundled with a lot of features that are listed above.

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