Types of Online Games

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Online games refer to online games which are played over any kind of computer network, usually the Internet. The most popular online games are the ones that incorporate flash based technology, which is a type of software that runs on personal computers and web servers. Online games can range from very simple text-based ones to games which include complex 3D digital worlds and hundreds of players all playing at the same time. Online games can either be single player or multi player in which players take turns being the player and trying to complete the game. Many online games can be multiplayer games, where multiple players are able to compete against each other.


Some of the most well known online games include the well known Age of Conan and the massively popular World of Warcraft. Age of Conan is set in the lands of Amer (also referred to as the Earth) and features characters such as the evil Licorice, the powerful angel Vriska, the beautiful princess Asmodianna and the foul demon thief STDammy. In the game players control three distinct races – Humans, Orcs and Undead. Human players take on the role of King pillory who rules over a massive kingdom of Amer with the help of his three lieutenants. Within the game there is an intricate political system with every ruling king trying to keep his people happy and healthy while battling against enemies within and outside his kingdom.


World of Warcraft is an online game in which players control a fictional nation, called Azeroth, on the brink of war with the neighboring Horde. The Horde consists of various tribes, including the tauren, trolls, blood elves and undead. There are also humanoids of various races, including Night Elf, gnomes and dwarves, who sided with the Horde. This online game was so successful that it has been turned into a feature film of the same name, and several other films have been produced based on the world of Azeroth and the World Of Warcraft game franchise.


Another popular online game is the Age of Empire. This online game presents an intriguing combination of strategy and empire building. Players take on the role of various famous historical figures like Julius Caesar, Alexander the great, Charlemagne and others. Players can switch back and forth between controlling one of these famous figures and doing battle with famous enemy leaders.


Freemium is another form of online games incorporating advanced technology. It is an online game where money can be earned and used to buy game items. One of the most popular forms of freemium is mobiles. Various freemium online games involve multiplayer games, where many users can participate simultaneously and play games such as capture the flag or air battle. Other popular freemium apps include gambling apps, cosmetic ones and even ones that allow users to experience a virtual world. A good example of this is the world of Pokemon, which allows players to catch and raise virtual pets.


The next choice in freemium online games is the so-called social networking games. These are popular choices among young adults and teenagers. Examples of these are FarmVille, Mafia Wars, MySpace and many others. In social networking game like FarmVille, players create virtual farms and furnish them with tools and goods, and then watch their crops and livestock grow and produce. Players can chat with other players, obtain friendship and engage in heated competitions, which help them level up and acquire rare items.


Another type of online games is the online games with realistic graphics and sound. The most popular ones in this category are the MMORPGs or massively multi-player online games. In these games, players compete with each other in fantasy worlds created using a system of virtual reality. Examples of MMORPGs are World of Warcraft, Secret of Solstise, Ace Combat 4 and many others.


The concept of MMORPG is quite similar to that of the World Wide Game Network (WGN), which is a multiplayer online game platform that supports both text-based and video-based game play. Unlike WGN, however, MMORPGs do not have any kind of objectives or storyline. In fact, they are more similar to virtual worlds than they are to conventional online games. Unlike the real world, however, MMORPGs also offer social interaction and even business opportunities to its players. There is no real end to the possibilities offered by MMORPGs. They continue to expand as more people take interest in them.

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