Top 3 Pc upcoming games in August 2021

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Top 3 upcoming Games releasing in August 2021, your wait is over! Many games are releasing in august ranging from Madden NFL 22 to New World.  Players are waiting for upcoming games.

As we know in 2021 due to the pandemic situation most games have been delayed earlier. But now the wait is over for those fans that are waiting to play their favorite upcoming 2 PC games in August. Check out the amazing titles releasing in august.

Top 3 PC Games releasing in August

The topmost popular upcoming PC games in 2021 are as follows:

  • Madden NFL 22 game.
  • Hoa Game.

Madden NFL 2 Game:

Electronic Arts launching soon their best American football game “Madden NFL 22”. Madden NFL 22 PC game of 2021 is based on the National Football League.

This game is coming with totally updated gameplay features that players love to test and play.

This most popular game is releasing on 20 august 2021 and will be available on all your favorite platforms of gaming.

Soon you can play the Madden NFL 22 game on ox Series X/sS, PS5, PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms.


  • New Gameplay settings.
  • Full revamped Franchise mode.
  • Superstar X-factors.
  • Adjustments are allowed in Superstar X-factors during half-time of the ultimate team.

Hoa Game:

Hoa is another best game of 2021 that is releasing this august. PM studios launching an amazing puzzle-platforming game soon. Fans are waiting to play Hoa that an amazing game with an incredibly beautiful environment.

The director of the game says portrays the adventure of the Hoa game that belongs to a tribe of fairies and Vietnamese culture influences the game greatly.

Hoa is one of the best Pc games in August that is releasing on 24 August 2021.  Fans just wait for few days! It will available soon to play on the only PC.


  • Relaxing Environment.
  • Peaceful Atmosphere.
  • Lovely Music.
  • Incredibly Beautiful hand-painted Art.

Game New World:

A new world is releasing on 31 august with plenty of fighting features that have to be done here. The monsters of the New World game posing a threat who desired to focus on the RPG aspect.

Every player who wants to engage in the MMO portion of the game 50v50 mode of the New World game giving them an outlet.

Top 5 Best Games Released in August 2021

This august is full of amazing releases from start to end. You might miss many interesting best Pc games in August that are already released in august listed below.

  •  Death Trash.
  • Glichpunk.
  •  Icarus.
  • Humankind.
  •  Road 96.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the popular PC Games?

There are many games of different categories are released for pc in 2021. The most popular Pc games of 2021 are:

  • Game Adventures of Pip for PC.
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising Game.
  • Ghostrunner Game for PC.

Why is PC gaming becoming so popular?

The main reason for the popularity of Pc games is that the players control them through hardware. Origin and Steam are the two best gaming platforms. Both offer more affordable games and amazing discounts than their console counterparts that are why pc gaming becoming so popular.

Final Thoughts

The best and popular games coming in the last week of august are listed above. If you waiting for the game’s release so you take a deep breath because your wait is about to over. Check out above mentioned releasing date of your favorite games.

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