Try Super Mario World Galaxy on the Nintendo Gamecube

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Super Mario World is easily one of the most classic Mario games and justly one of Nintendo’s greatest hits.

It provides crystal-clear high-definition visuals and offers tons of replay value. If you like playing classic Mario games but don’t care too much for the Advance version, then Super Mario World 2 is a great alternative.

It provides a fresh take on the genre, as well as a number of improvements on Super Mario’s original formula.


In Super Mario World 2, you return to planet Toads with the Princess Toadstool. Now, Princess Toadstool has been transformed into a talking, bikini-clad, miniskirt-clad, evil witch-like character,

who is determined to get the treasures of Super Mario World before her enemies do.

Along the way, she must also acquire the powers of three mythical superpowers. These include the Bubble whip, star mushroom, and power-up mushroom. The Princess Toadstool mini-game provides another dose of nostalgia, as Mario must guide her through seven enchanted levels while avoiding obstacles and pitfalls along the way.


Luigi is a new addition to the cast of super Mario world 2, and he serves to improve upon the efforts of traditional Mario characters. Luigi’s specialty is climbing, and he can use his climbing vines to swing across pipes and through platforms.

Also, he can use his tail to scale walls. Luigi’s attacks are quick, jumpy, and deceptive, but you’ll need to practice moving him around the environment since his moves are not identical to those of other characters.


Although not actually a part of the storyline of super Mario world 2, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door gives the player an insight into the world of Paper Mario and is available on the Nintendo Gamecube.

In this game, Mario is once again joined by Luigi, this time to assist Luigi in his quest to discover the secrets of Koopa Village.

This is a fun game that is easy for all age groups and involves many of the same exploration elements seen in the earlier Mario games. It also involves turning switches, dealing with nasty koopas, talking to many new characters, collecting items, and battling enemies.


If you want something a little different then Super Mario Galaxy may be what you’re looking for. Unlike many other Mario games online, Super Mario Galaxy has a unique setting that takes the series to a new dimension. Not only does it have its familiar Mario universe characters, but it introduces new friends such as Yoshi and Wario who help Mario through each stage.

These additions, as well as many others, make Super Mario Galaxy much more than a typical Mario game and make it one you will want to return to time again.


If you have any doubt that you’d enjoy playing Nintendo’s newest entry into the super Mario series then you should try Super Mario Galaxy on the Nintendo Gamecube. It’s not just another Mario game, but something you’ll look forward to playing time again. If you don’t own a Gamecube yet then what are you waiting for, go out and find one or two of your favorite Super Mario games online now! You’ll be glad you did.

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