Hill Climb Racing 2

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Hill Climb Racing 2 is an online multiplayer game that is free to play with lots of tracks, vehicles, and different characters with customization.

This all is at your fingertips. It is basically a 3D driving game that allows you to experience other cars. With separate tracks, this game enables finishing the racing by crossing the line without flipping.

In this, you have a gas pedal and a brake, within which you must master your vehicle and do your best out of it. The vehicle’s features can be improved and updated. In the very beginning, you just have a car, but over time when you play more, you get so many things unlocked.

Ten Hill Climb Racing Best Vehicle 2021 Tips You Need to Learn Now:

Hill Climb Racing has multiple vehicles and different stages. Different Vehicles have dissimilar performances on the same level. Here we will come to know about various vehicle performances on numerous locations throughout the game.

Talking about the stages and then the best vehicles suitable for each location.


It is the stage where many vehicles can perform well. Once 2000m is crossed, there will be so many hills that will become hard to travel, and it is very tough not to break your neck when you land Dune Buggy 2223m, Monster Truck 2156m, and Jeep 2154m.



Friction and traction play the central role over here. So, the vehicles which suit best are Monster truck 3638m, Tank 3051m, and Truck 2872m.



You cannot say that trees are the big hurdle in your way over here. In this stage, Gas is the limiting factor. The suitable vehicles for this stage are Tank 3073m, Dune Buggy 2590m, and Truck 1921m.



This is also one of the stages where friction and traction play the leading role. The hill becomes hard to cross and stops most of the vehicles at 2340m. Some cars that help get far toare Dune Buggy 3219m, Snow Mobile 2563m, and Quad bike 2431m.



This stage is all about the Gas. Watching out the distance is the primary concern over here. The central gap between Gas can go up 50m each time. So, figure out when the next one is coming up, and you do not jump over it. So, the vehicles for this stage are Kiddie Express 18028m, Truck 14678m, Super Diesel 4 x 4 9047m, and racecar 32037m.



Short and sow vehicles work best in this stage because they cannot refrain from flying over jumps. Getting up on some hills becomes an issue due to traction and speed. Here you need to become an expert in some areas where you should be good at letting off the Gas before and crossing the hills. The vehicles which can be used are Dune Buggy 2876m, Rally Car 2431m, and Jeep 2369m.



This level is one of the most challenging levels. Mostly the second gets off the track and flip. Some of the vehicles which work best here are Tank 1253m, Monster Truck 1111m, and Rally Car 1090m.



This stage is the combination of two aspects cave and moon. The vehicles are Jeep 1586m, Tank 1562m, and Quad Bike 1446m.


Alien Planet

Here you face a slippery surface. If you jump on the slope, you will move back and must start the level again. The tip is to smoothly cross the hill, move to the other side and grasp the speed for next. There is a hill at 1150 m which stops most of the vehicles. Some vehicles suitable for this are Snowmobile 2351 m, Jeep 1313m, and Racecar 1257m.



It requires power and friction to move across the trees. Some of the vehicles are Tank 1727m, Dune Buggy 1602m, and Monster Truck 1563m.



The vehicles which make short and steep climbs works best in this stage. Treads on the tank manage large numbers of sharp points excellently. Some cars are Tank 2114m, Dune Buggy 1884m, and Hovercraft 1434m.



This stage is relatively straight and clear. The dune gives excellent traction, moving towards hills. The vehicles suitable for this stage are Truck 12338m, Tank 5694m, and Dune buggy 4357m.


Roller Coaster

Here the vehicles with downforce like Dragster, race car, or Rally car are all suitable.



The key is not to get speedy with all ramps. The first few ones are safer than dark ones. Other higher ramps are safe for landing with speed. Unfortunately, there is less air for falling down the holes. Suitable vehicles are Monster Truck 2763m, Jeep 2666m, and motocross bike 2651m.



This one is tricky because of the swinging beams. The best way is to drive slowly. Some good vehicles used here are Big finger 1964m, Tank 1584m, and Quad bike 1564m.



This one is the tough and trickier one. You need to find out which jumps to take at which speed. The best vehicles are Rally car 2776m, Truck 1775m, and Quad bike 1507m.


Mud pool

Performances become slowly become there is an unclean environment here. Try to fly away as much mud as you can. Traction up the hills is rugged. Some vehicles best for this are Dune Buggy 2266m, Big Finger 2142m, and Tank 2023m.



When the Gas becomes scary, jumping over the fire is essential. Hovercraft will skim the surface of the liquid, which means there will be no extended fires. The best vehicles for this are Tank 2958m, Rally Car 2177m, and Monster Truck 2071m.

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