Top 10 Most Stunning Female Video Game Characters

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Female video game characters are always player’s love and make them breathless. The appearance of female characters in the game always put a positive impact on games development. We are going to list the top 10 most stunning female video game characters you must love.

Top Most popular Female Video Game Characters:

1.     Cindy Aurum.

Cindy Aurum is the female character in the Final Fantasy XV game. She is not a main character in the game but she is the most memorable and badass female video game character, just like 2B. Cindy Aurum spawned many spicy cosplays. Cindy starling is most stunning, gorgeous and her fantastic character design is simply spectacular.

2.     Lady 2B.

2B is a lady from NieR: Automata game. She is one of the best and all-purpose battle ladies. She has an incredibly hot look and is called a badass female video game character of 2021 due to her awesome dress. She is truly badass.

3.     Lara Croft.

Lara Croft is a female from the Tomb Raider game. Lare is the hulk Hogan of gaming girl players. Her sexy brown eyes, seductive English accent, sassy attitudes, and skin-tight outfit made her arguably the most stunning iconic female character.

4.     Quiet.

Quiet is female character from Metal Gear Solid V game is a ridiculous lady who is characterized as oversexualized and top female video game character. She is the most impressive character by his appearance and actions to ever grace a game.

5.     Liara T’Soni.

Liara is a lady from Mass effect is a blue alien and she damn hot and sexiest female game character.  She is a blue beauty Queen and the love of most male and female players. She is an absolute jaw-dropper and stunning female character.

6.     Trip.

The trip is a female from Enslaved: Odyssey to the West game. She is one of the main underrated female characters. She is one of the most top female video game characters who are truly smart and a stunner. The trip is a super skilled lady at reprogramming and uses strength, combat, and power skills to survive.

7.     Mai Shiranui.

Mai is a female character from the fatal fury game. Mai is such a distraction because of her heavy figure. She is perennial favorite character of all gaming girls. Her signature low-cut dress makes him more hot and sexy.  She is the best and topmost badass female video game character.

8.     Miranda Lawson.

Miranda is a lady from Mass Effect 2 & 3 games. She is the most mature lady and a classy sexy female video game character. Her beautiful athletic body, sultry eyes appear to her as a distraction to fight. She is a stunning virtual vixen, awesome and sexier.

9.     Harley Quinn.

Harley is a female from Batman Arkham City game. She is blood boiling character with themed costumes. Her heavy eyes shadow, ponytails, deviant ways, and fabulous figure make her one the top most popular video game vixens.

10. Lady Juliet Starling.

Juliet starling is a female character from lollipop Chainsaw game. She is a badass female video game character of 2021. She is crazy and called one hell of a zombie-killing vixen. She looks more beautiful in her cheerleading outfit.

Top Most Popular Female Video Games Names:

  • Bejeweled game.

  • Brain Age game.

  • FarmVille game.

  • Final Fantasy game.

  • Mass Effect 2 game.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Percentage of video game players of 2020?

The game research of 2020 examined that nearly 41% of video game players are females. Another research shows that female gamers comprise 45% of the gaming population all over the world.

What is the most reoccurring female game character?

Lara, jill, Aloy, and Mai are the most reoccurring female game characters. They are beautiful ladies, who have the strength, and combat skills to survive.

Which Japanese female Singer provided the voice of IA in the video game “IA/VT Colorful”?

Japanese famous singer Lia provides IA/VT colorful features of the Vocaloid IA with Vocals. She provided the voice of IA in this video game.

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