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Hi game lovers! Welcome to our online Key To Games archive.

These days our KeyToGames.com are becoming one of the most popular online games. You can experience free online gaming by playing our flash games.

These games are free and you just need to stay online while playing the biggest web-based flash games.

Features of Our flash Games:

  • Easy to Use.
  • Challenging games.
  • Simple gaming nature.
  • Full of adventures and fun.

Any game player who is looking for some enjoyable and adventurous games, flash games must be there for you.

Our mission:

Our main mission is to create a safe, responsible and regulated entertainment environment that has a positive effect on our society.

Our company is making a positive contribution to our community, generating employment, and contributing to the fiscal revenue stream from setting up local initiatives and regulated flash games.

Our vision:

Our main vision is to become the best flash gaming company by improving the quality of service, developing professional skills, talent in players, and full of entertainment games.

Our vision is pursued with full determination and tenacity.

The aim behind the vision is to provide the best gaming experiences, services, and products with the best entertainment value.

The achievements we accept from our vision are:

  • The excellence of services.
  • Best gaming products.


Our Values:

Our values which we putting into action every day are:

  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Transparency



At flash games, we are operating in safe, timely, proactive, and rapid manners.

We are operating to guarantee effective, best, and efficient solutions for our game lovers, customers, and business partners.

Everything We Do In Exciting Games

Listen to the opinions of our various sponsors… It takes tenacity, dedication, and devotion to develop the best casual flash games. We believe in the potential of everyone. In flash games, we promote diversity and variety in all areas of humanity, culture, lifestyle the way of life, age, origin, experience, religion, socioeconomic status, gender identity, and marital status.

By listening to all the comments, we receive every day, standing firmly and open to new ways of thinking, we can stay relevant and provide the absolute best and most creative content. Gamers know what they like. We make it easy for them to keep us updated through comments, star ratings, and our social media platforms. Please visit us at our help support or social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for any kind of assistance.


  • Flash games are based and built on innovation.
  • The innovative thought is simple and basic:
  • Avail of the best incredible and exciting games on our website!
  • Endeavoring to bring creative mind and To bring unique thoughts, and energy into everything we do,
  • Flash Games has developed and released games such as:
    • Tetris,
    • Bejeweled,
    • Bubble Shooter.

We develop new game concepts and develop experimental game ideas. To demonstrate the fortitude and interest it requires to become an innovator and leader in flash games.


The Craziest Facts:

Since 2002 Flash Games has been the main leading game in the gaming industry as online flash game publishing. We are providing you the extreme facility for our users as we are one of the earliest online gaming portals out there. Our games have accumulated up a huge number of games throughout the 17+ years in the past or more.

There are more than four thousand casual, Arcadian, and action games, and new games are published and added to the library every week.

It is exciting and fun-loving to play flash, casual, or arcade games.