Kids Love Abobo’s Big Adventure

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Abobo’s Big Adventure is a famous parody video game that is available for free.

This amazing video game the kid’s love involves Abobo, a boss character from the double dragon franchise who is journeying through the landscapes of many other video games to save his son.

The hero of Abobo’s Big Adventure game is Abobo who is one of the bosses from another famous NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) game, Double Dragon.

Player’s Goal in Abobo’s  video game:

The main goal of Abobo’s game is for the player to use the character Abobo from Double Dragon to progress through the various levels of the game.

Abobo’s Bid Adventure is divided into several sub-games that followed by each other, each sub-game making reference to a particular game like:

Flash game Abobo’s big adventure download now for free

The great Abobo’s big adventure download the game now this game is available for free. Download and install the game from any browser.

The amazing game with amazing features is Abobo’s big adventure download free for Pc and mobile also for free.

The main antagonist of Abobo’s big adventure little Mac

Abobo’s big adventure little mac is the central character and the last boss in the game.

Abobo’s big adventure little mac utilized his powers and skills for evil after his master doc Louis mentored him. He not only used his powers but also kidnapped Abobo with the aid of his followers.

Freeware Game Abobo’s big adventure Android

The most famous parody game Abobo’s big adventure android is also available for your mobile. Download big adventure android game app from google play store or directly from chrome.

For android big adventure android version 1.6 is available.

Interesting  big adventure Ending

Abobo meets Jerome “Doc” Louis from the Punch-Out!! Series before the big adventure ending. Doc confesses that the real bad guy is his former student, Little Mac, who went insane after winning the title.


Abobo wins a boxing battle against Little Mac, decapitates him with the Power Glove, and saves Aboboy. As the crowd claps for the reunited couple, they leap out of the ring and Kill each other.


The game’s big adventure ending is really interesting. The game’s events are finally revealed as a dream that Abobo is having, a nod to the Super Mario Bros. ending.

Available Unlooked  Big medals s

Here we have a list of each award that can be opened in  Big  game.

Abobo’s Big Adventure medals list as follows:

  • Poor Aboboy

  • Best Ending Ever

  • Double Drobo

  • Luckdragon

More Interesting Abobo’s big 2 Game

In the original Abobo’s big game the son, Aboboy was kidnapped. Abobo fights to save his son. The first game involved a plot that was very simple and easy to follow. But the plot of Abobo’s big 2 and the story/plot in the sequel is more complex, over the top, and somewhat convoluted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many levels of Abobo’s Big game?

ANS: As we know in this game Abobo has to save his kidnapped son. To save his son Aboboy must travel through eight different levels. Every level pays homage to a classic NES game: Double Dragon.

How to play Abobo’s big game with a controller?

ANS :You can play this game with the help of a keyboard but also you can connect a gamepad controller to your USB port for a similar retro gaming experience.

To assign the keys fully to your gamepad, you have to download a free program called Joy2Key after connecting the controller with a USB port.


Abobo’s Big Adventure is one of the famous video games. Kids love to play this as in the game Abobo is traveling to save his kidnapped son. The game consists of 8 different levels and features all levels unlocked. This addiction is available for free.

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